Working From Home at Forest Hill – Learn How To Create a Portable Income & Work From Home

So many people are dreaming of a life on a secluded lake in the Canadian wilderness. For many Europeans Canada stands for pure air, untouched nature and breathtaking beauty. Canada offers all that…plus more life quality than in cheap second and third-world countries. In Canada you live a simple, back-to-the-roots life and still enjoy some amenities we have become so used to. Most of us want a clean toilet, a shower or a bath. Many don’t want to be entirely without television so that they know what is going on in the world. A phone would be quite nice too in order to  be in touch with friends and families. Many who work as freelancers depend on the internet. For the baby boomers among us there should be a good medical system available. In order to ensure all that there should be a reliable electricity system….of course, preferably with no emissions at all. The answer might be working from home

A healthy home, clothes, healthy food, clean air, pure water, and the communication with the world are fundamental premises to make the emigration a success on all levels. Most of us can well do without all the rest. 

Well, although the life in Nova Scotia is still cheaper than in Europe or large North American cieies, even a modest lifestyle still requires some money.  But where to get that money when you are away from your country of origine,  especially when jobs in your field of expertise are not so plenty?

One thing I want to anticipate. Work has to be fun and fulfilling, if you want to make it a success. For many this means to get away from the hamster wheel and back to a work they can fully stand behind. And if we can link work with our life purpose it becomes really fun and success is almost a given. 

A person who is considering a life in Forest Hill may first need to completely weed out and let go of all the false beliefs about jobs, work and money earning. We can be successful with a fulfilling work without sacrificing our integrity, health, and family. For a few years we are seeing an incredible trend in North America where people move away from corporate jobs and choose a form of  self-employment, be it freelancing, online marketing, network marketing, creating on online shopping market, or founding an own brick-and-mortar business. The main thing is working from home to be more around for the family. 

Working From Home

Once you begin to open up your mind for a life in Forest Hill, you can’t get around rethinking your professional perspectives and your goals. The worst you could do at this point is giving room to fear before your dreams and desires will have a real chance.  Even though jobs are scarce, working from home is always a great alternative that often pays more than a job. There are literally millions of opportunities to work from home, make enough money in an honest way, and at the same time spend more time with the family or enjoy your hobbies…no matter where on this earth you live. Working from home is a great solution for many. 

enjoying life and working from home with a portable business

There are many possibilities to create an income:

  • if you have any kind of pension, you’re all set
  • Network Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • as a self-employed entrepreneur
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • etc. 

Not every future inhabitant of Forest Hill is at the retirement age. Network Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea and quite labor intensive.. Online Marketing has to be learned and understood to make it work; but once it will work, it is a fantastic opportunity to be financially free wherever you live. However, anybody can do any kind of freelancing nowadays and start immediately, and in my opinion this is the simplest, easiest and fastest form of creating a portable income and working from home because you can offer to the market what you’re already good at. 

According to Forbes, 2017 was predicted to be the Year of Freelancers. Although there exist thousand of freelancers in any given field, the good ones are always solidly booked. A new study run by the University in Princeton shows that 94% of over 10 million jobs that had been created between 2005 and 2015 in the USA were temporary or freelance jobs. Consequently this means that there are many, many corporations – small and large – that are looking for people like you who want a life working from home. 

stop overwhelm – working from home with a portable business

If it is your dream to escape the 9-to-5 mill, there are currently literally thousands of opportunities to generate a decent income from your home without having to sell your soul for it. So, before you’re going to frown and sorrowfully scratch your head just look at a few possibilities of working from home. 

7 Possibilities For a Part-Time or Full-Time Income From Home

The following examples are just ideas and meant to initiate your own creativity. These are just very few of hundreds of thousands of possibilities. 

  • Write texts and descriptions for catalogues: That kind of work is ideal for someone who has not yet discovered their own true talents or who’s professional skills can’t be used well in freelancing. The only talent you need is decent writing. Corporations often have long descriptions for their articles. That job requires to shorten these descriptions in such a way that they are still significant and create resonance in the readers.  
  • Online Researcher: Through the quickly growing number of online marketers there are literally thousands of jobs available in this niche and there are going to be more of them daily. Online Researches can take a lot of time and a marketer rather invests his own time in marketing than in research.  Consequently more and more marketers outsource these jobs to freelancers. Such a job could include simple things like: “Find 5 factors of a clean carpet” up to very complex scientific  contexts. 
  • Write or correct dissertations:  Such a job is ideal for teachers, scientists or authors. Often it doesn’t even have to be the whole work but only the bibliography. 
  • Proofreading and editing of texts, blogs, articles or e-books: With the growing number of texts on the internet these kinds of jobs have literally exploded over the last 10 years. A person with decent writing and correcting skills will hardly ever be out of work. Practically every online marketer urgently needs ghostwriters or editors. Even large enterprises are desperately searching for good freelancers in that field. 
  • Graphic Jobs: If you’re skilled in creating graphics or good with a software like Photoshop, you will  hardly have a reason to complain about a lack of work or money. Once you will have a good name as a freelancer, you can literally cherry-pick  the best freelance jobs.
  • Webmasters: If you can build a website that fits the current international standards of internet marketing, there is waiting a lot of work for you.  
  • Freelance Platforms: To get some ideas for working from home I encourage you to go to pages like,,  Profinder,  ContentlySimplyHiredToptal and 99Designs. These pages are real eye-openers about the kind of skills that are in demand today and what companies are willing to pay for.  
  • Create a home study course:  No matter what expertise you have, there are people out there who need exactly what you know. Nowadays you can easily create a video course on your own computer using PowerPoint and a program called Camtasia and then sell it on Udemy

Especially baby boomers tend to believe that working with the internet required a lot of technical knowledge. They find it hard to understand that there are many companies out there that would pay them for their expertise by working from home. But this is no longer the case because most tasks on the internet have been automated to a point that even newbies can handle them with a few clicks. Besides, on the internet there exist literally thousands of jobs that don’t require any technical know-how. To get some inspiration just check out

The freelancing world is constantly evolving. If you want to be successful in that niche working from home, all you need are some important tips and the willingness to keep up with the fast-paced developments. There exists a specific online-school for future freelancers where you can take classes for different kinds of freelancing. These programs seem to be good and  reasonably priced. Their goal is explicitly to train expats on creating a portable income  so that they can work from anywhere in the world. Such a course could help you get your feet wet with working from home.

working from home with a portable business

Possibilities to work with us at Forest Hill 

I have already mentioned in another article that we at Forest Hill will need some tasked people as well. Only very few will be so lucky to find a job in the Guysborough area. But those who need some money from time to time in order to survive might become one from our future contributors.

  • A large part of our property at Forest Hill we will use for market gardening. If you are experienced at organic farming you might be able to provide the whole Forest Hill community with fruits, vegetables, nuts,  berries, fish, mushrooms, eggs, and chicken meat and thus create a regular income for yourself.  Depending on the need of our future inhabitants such a person might be even able to create a part-time or full-time income. So, if you’re good at organic gardening or at dealing with animals and feel that you would like to do that kind of work, please contact us. 
  • Through our speaking and seminar work we will often be away from Forest Hill. For that reason we will need a caretaker/custodian who will live at Forest Hill all year round. His tasks will be to be around, protect the property, be there for mending needs, and in Winter for snow plowing.  Although this will not be a full-time job, it will at least provide such a person with a regular part-time income over a long period of time. 
  • Some of our future cohabitants at Forest Hill will not live there all year. These people will need a reliable house-sitter while they will be absent who can look after their houses and yards. 
  • I’m positive that some of our future inhabitants at Forest Hill will need some assistance for building their cottages. This could give a skilled and reliable all-rounder a nice income for the start while building a freelance business, internet business, or a brick-and-mortar business or searching for a good job. 
  • I personally will regularly need a webmaster and a ghostwriter/editor for my online business. Although this may  not be a full-time job it could become a regular part-time income for the right persons. 
  • For my speaking and teaching function I will need one or two security people who are willing to travel with me the whole North American continent. That job requires a strong sense and instinct to protect, physical strength and fitness. Besides it also requires alertness before, during and after the events and pleasure to travel. 
  • Also for my speaking and teaching events I will need a technically skilled person for the whole technical part like internet, microphones, prompter, beamer, music, light and cameras (photo and video). Such an assistant should also be independent and willing to travel a lot. 
  • On top of that the seminar team needs one or two diligent helpers with good skills in English communication for  the book tables. These helpers will have to travel as well what requires high flexibility. The good part about these jobs is that we will have a long break during the Summer months and all December. 
  • At the beginning we will need a very good electrical engineer who will help our future inhabitants to reduce the electromagnetic pollution to a minimum.  This also includes installation of solar panels, etc. If this would be a person who is knowledgeable regarding free energy, this would be an additional bonus.
  • Two to three years down the road we will need several therapists in the natural/holistic field.

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities for working from home. 

Building your own company 

The third possibility of creating a steady income is, of course, building your own company. If you have a good idea that improves the lives of Nova Scotians or through which you could work from anywhere in the world, then I can only encourage you to go that route.  There are literally no limits for self-employed people and possibilities to work from home. 

For starters simply train your brain to think outside of the box by asking yourself in what fields you are an expert. This does not only have to include your profession but also hobbies and natural talents and skills. I guarantee that there are people or other corporations in this world who will be willing to pay good money for your expertise, be it for goods, coaching or counseling. 

In a first step take yourself an hour and write down all your skills, talents, experiences, and characteristics. Also ask your family and friends what they believe you’re good at. Write that all down without judging. Then take yourself some more time to write down who could need what you have to offer. Which target group might be looking exactly for that kind of expert you are? 

As soon as you’ll have an idea, I encourage you to contact the Guysborough County Business Development Center early in the process. The address is: 46 Main St, Guysborough, NS B0H 1N0, Canada, phone (from Europe): 001-902-533-2770, First you simply want to ask the person, if your idea or project has a good chance to support your family. If the clerk in charge sees your idea as a “viable business”, the team at the CBDC will gladly support you. If they don’t think that this can be a viable business, ask them what changes your project would need to become viable. And if it is your goal to not only create an income for yourself but also create a few jobs for locals, their team will even be more happy to assist and support you.  

However, even if they don’t like your idea that doesn’t mean that this is not a viable business. Remember the internet with all its limitless possibilities. The CBDC only supports new business if it has the chance to create some jobs for locals or when they can see that this might bring nice tax money.  But if you qualify, the CBDC is a great place to receive great assistance from. They literally assist you from A to Z in your business building process. 

If your plan for working from home goes more into the direction of freelancing, online selling, creating programs, etc. then please feel free to let me know. I have many programs and quite some knowledge and experience in these fields and would love to assist you whenever possible. 

As you may realize by now, even when good jobs in Guysborough are rare, there is still enough work to do and plenty of opportunities to make a living through working from home (wherever your home will be). If you go through the world with an open mind and open senses and keep your goal to move to Forest Hill in your mind and heart, the chances are very good that things with your income will work out well for you. There is no place on earth where there is a lack of work for those with an open mind and a willingness to work. There are countless opportunities to have a good income without having to spend precious time away from your loved ones. 

working from home

When you feel that you want to live at Forest Hill and when you are in the position to create a suitable income by working from home (depending on the size of your family between $1,500 and $3,500 per month), then it’s time for you to reserve your lot at Forest Hill. Simply go to and download the brochure. On the last page you’ll find a form for the reservation you can fill out and send to

We wish you a lot of fun with planning!

Your Iten family


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