Self-Sufficiency On a Small Yard at Forest Hill – Grow Your Own Organic Food

Recently I talked to a gentleman who is very interested in living in Forest Hill, and he said that this “…will be a rich life… a simple yet rich life.” This is exactly our vision for all of our future renters. We will do everything in our power to make this dream come true for all.  One way to achieve that is striving for self-sufficiency

A few years ago I found the Garden Tower 2 on the internet and was instantly excited. It’s about the smartest thing I have ever seen to increase self-sufficiency on small room. The reason why I’m so excited is because the tower is a small ecosystem in itself. The Garden Tower is a revolutionary vertical self-contained garden and composting system that redefines home gardening, urban gardening and vermicomposting. I’m sure you’ll love it once you know it.

This recently named the “Worlds Most Advanced Container Garden”, the rotating Garden Tower 2 is a combination of vertical planting tower and composter that grows 50 plants in four square feet nearly anywhere, no matter how small your patio or garden. It features food grade USA-made HDPE (non-toxic, BPA & PVC free plastic) components, FDA-approved dye and UV-protection antioxidant package for health, durability and recyclability.

It does not only let you grow your own organic salads, herbs, and vegetables, it also turns your organic waste kitchen scraps to organic fertilizer to grow organic produce. The Garden Tower replicates a natural ecosystem allowing plants to access nutrients recycled through organic composting processes. In it you can easily grow nearly any vegetables, herbs, salads, or flowers.  How easier can self-sufficiency be?!

This six cubic foot vertical soil-based alternative to expensive and difficult hydroponic systems comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. It’s 43″ tall and 24.5″ wide and weighs 36 lbs. (~200 lbs. with wet soil). Wide, heavy, reinforced, anchor able feet attach the tower securely to a solid surface (rooftops, platforms, etc). The available Premium Caster Kit allows the Garden Tower to be frequently moved. The fact that it can be rotated makes the handling very easy. 

Benefits for self-sufficiency: 

  • Grow 50 plants in 4 Sq. feet
  • Compost and garden in one
  • Nutrient rich gardening
  • Faster growth than any other garden
  • Minimal upkeep and no weeding required  
  • Rotates for easy accessibility
  • Award winning innovation and design
  • Eliminates electricity, nutrient loss and most water loss associated with conventional gardening

The planting density is not a problem as each plant receives all the nutrients and water they need. This makes self-sufficiency on a small room much easier. 

Watch in our next video how it works. 

The 2 gallon drawer captures all water or “nutrient leachate” that exits the potting soil for reuse. This worm tea or “nutrient tea” has been analyzed and contains a balance of essential nutrients for plants. In moderate climates water the tower from the top four to six gallons three times per week during peak summer growth, and once to twice per week during spring and fall. Water once a month in the winter to maintain soil structure.

Add organic, compostable non-meat kitchen scraps and “browns” (shredded paper, etc) from your kitchen to the compost tube.  Compost worms eat the kitchen compost as soon as it begins to decay. Red worms stay near the fresh compost and are protected from dryness, excess moisture, heat and cold by the surrounding soil. This is an environment worms simply love. This stable red worm habitat is why the Garden Tower is much easier to maintain than typical vermicompost bin or bag systems. If introduced, night crawler worms travel throughout the layers of rich compost and the potting soil helping to transport nutrients and create pathways for maximum soil and compost aeration. Thus your soil stays soft and healthy and has a lovely smell. Dark, rich finished compost can be removed from below every 90 days during the growing seasons. 

For anybody who wants to grow her own organic food on small  room, this is really the only sensible way I know of.  You don’t need a large yard for self-sufficiency anymore. All you have to do is make sure that the companion plants are a good match and support each other in their growth. The rich soil and the warm root climate will do the rest what lets your crops grow far into fall

If there will be enough interest among our renters we will negotiate a better price as soon as everybody will be settled at Forest Hill

The Garden Tower even fits into the smallest yard and it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity to grow ones own, healthy, organic food you can simply harvest on your own porch or in your back yard.

Enjoy the planning :-). 

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