How to Realize Your Dream of a Life in Forest Hill in 13 Simple Steps

People have individual approaches to realize their dreams and wishes. Some literally jump into a new adventure, others prefer to play save and calculate all eventualities forward and backward for months. Still others get easily distracted by fear and skeptisizm of their family and friends. The question is, if there is a healthy and sensible golden path for the goal to have a home in Forest Hill. 

To make a long stroy short, in my opinion their is no better, safer, and faster way than listening to our own heart during the whole process. BUT…. most people don’t even know how their hearts speaks to them and rather listen to their gut feelings than to their heart. 

Now let’s assume that you have a good feeling about a life in Forest Hill and you would like to become part of our community, but you still don’t have all the information and solutions at hand…you still don’t know how to realize your dream. And let’s assume that you want to live in Forest Hill for good and not just during your vaccations.

What would your next steps be, then?

My experiences with new and unknown situations have shown that the best way to approach a new goal is by taking only one step after the other faithfully. When you drive on a road without street lanterns at night, you always only see a few meters ahead of you. The rest is completely in the dark. And, nevertheless, you continue driving because you know exactly that the lights of your car will reveal the whole route meter after meter, mile after mile until you will have reached your final destination. 

Here is how I personally would deal with such a situation like a move to Forest Hill. You can approach your goal the same way, in a similar way or completely different, of course.  I only share possibilities with you and some of my personal experiences in Nova Scotia.

Step 1:

This step might sound strange to you, but if you think it through, you will understand why I’m going to make such a suggestion. At this point I personally would not talk about my goal to anybody except to those persons who will be part of the goal and move to N.S. with me. Because at the beginning of every goal achievement process we need our whole energy for the decision process and the first steps. At this stage I could not need any negaholics, doubters and cynics who could try to influence me with their own doubts and fears. 

Step 2:

Regarding the Forest Hill Project I would immediately make a  non-binding reservation for my lot(s) at Forest Hill. Should I decide differently, I could cancel my revervation at any time. Because every micro-commitment will be a training to listen to your heart, because if that one step was wrong, your heart would tell you (don’t confuse your heart with your fears), and if that step was the right thing to do, your heart will tell you as well. Is the step a wrong one, you can cancel your reservation and you can save yourself a lot of time, energy and money. Is your heart feeling good, then you can be very sure that this is a goal worth approaching. 

Step 3: 

Because Canada is an English speaking country, I personally would immediately take an English class, if English is not my first language. Even if you have not made up your mind now, English is a language we will always need in life. Being fluent in English is very helpful in many regards. Besides, it’s the best time to start now because it takes time to learn or improve a new language. Therefore I would not waste a single day and enrol for the next possible class.   

Step 4:

At this point, I personally would get my papers ready in order to be prepared to visit Forest Hill this Summer to find out whether I like the place. I would want to get a feeling about the place very early in the process and feel, if I would like to live or spend my vaccations there. Besides, one  needs a valid passport to apply for a Canadian resident visa anyway. So this would be a good moment to get a passport.   

Step 5:

If this was my goal, I would get on the phone with the people behind the project ASAP to get my questions answered. And, even more importantly, I personally need to talk to people in order to get a feeling about the person behind a project. The voice of a person can tell a lot. During such a call I would alsready make an appointment for my visit in Summer. 

Step 6: 

While the first 5 steps are small ones that can be done in half a day, I would immediately turn my attention toward my absolutely highest priority: my future income. If I had no portable income or another money source yet through which I could live anywhere in the world I wanted to, I would begin to brainstorm about ideas, possibilities and opportunities. As soon as I had made a decision,  I would start immediately to build up my portable business. Because it would take about 6 months at least until I could move to Forest Hill and it takes about the same time to build and start a home-based business. However, if I chose a freelance business, I could immediately begin to earn money from home as soon as I had chosen one of the most-used plattforms (I recommend and If you need any ideas what you can offer to make money with, just check out and browse through the offers. This is a real eye-opener what can be done from home. 

If, for whatever reason this would not work out for me, I would immediately begin to search for a job in Nova Scotia or create a new business idea and contact Kelsey Taylor of the Business Development Center in Guysborough, N.S.. As a pensioneer I would check back with the government to find out how much pension money I would get monthly if living in Canada. Had I some skills that could be used in Forest Hill (e.g. electritian, gardener/farmer, handyman, custodial, translator, etc,),  I would get in touch with the people behind the Forest Hill project and find out if they had a need for my skills and talents. 

Step 7:

As a next step I would contact my nearest Canadian Embassy and find out what the requirements for a permanent resident visa are, if it was my goal to live in Forest Hill permanently. Swiss citizens have to contact the Canadian Embassy in Vienna or Munich. Who only wants to come to Forest Hill for vaccations don’t need to contact the Embassy. You will only need a visa, if you want to stay in Canada longer than 3 months.  

Step 8:

My next step would be to book a flight, a rental car and a hotel or camping spot for my first visit to Forest Hill. If, for whatever reason I could not travel to Nova Scotia to visit Forest Hill in Summer personally, then I would make an appointment with the owners for a video tour via Skype. 


Step 9:

If I liked what I saw during my first visit to Forest Hill and if I would like to live or spend my vaccations there, I would sign a binding rental contract (created by a Canadian lawyer) for one or several lots, depending on my needs.

Step 10: 

Now came the moment for me to make a realistic budget. If I could not afford a relocation at this point, I would use the lot for vaccations while getting ready for the move. Most people would make a budget right at the beginning and then immediately give up their plans, if the budget doesn’t look good. My experience over and over is that the money only comes when a definite decision has been made. Unless you have a lot of money on your bank account, the Universe doesn’t waste any energy for something that is just a dream or a castle in the clouds. The money only comes after we have made a FIRM decision with a no-matter-what-no-matter-how mindset. The Universe sends money only to those who are determined and strong-willed. I have made that experience over and over and over….It just works.  Whereas, when you make your budget at the beginning before you really know what you want, you might give up before your dream even had a chance. 

Step 11: 

Once I had rented the lot and my budget was in my favor, I would begin to search for my favorite cabin. First I would decide what kind of a home I want: mobile home, mobile log cabin, camper, yurte, tipi, etc. Once that decision was made I would begin my search for a suitable building, be it new or used – main thing is that it fits my budget. What I did when I moved to N.S. the first time is purchasing a used camper for a couple of thousand dollars.  That way you could still decide later whether you only want to come for vaccations until your budget will suffice for a cabon. 

Once I knew which building I want, I would contact the Municipality at Guysborough for a building permit. While waiting for the permit, I would intensively continue to grow my portable business (or whatever income source I had chosen earlier).  

Step 12: 

So, by now I knew what building I would want and I had found the right manufacturer or seller. The next logical step from here would be to apply for a Canadian visa. At the moment I had the interview at the embassy I would be extremely glad that I had improved my English skills because they do count…today more so than when we applied. I would also be extremely glad that I could present to the officer at the Embassy my business plans and my first turnovers. 

From here it takes to be patient and to continue grow my portable business, to find a job near Forest Hill or to build my own business in Canada. (By the way, while waiting for the permanent resident visa you are not supposed to travel to Canada.)

Step 13:

Once I had the visa, the real fun will being. I would start packing what comes with me and get rid of the rest, give notice of cancellation of my appartment, and organize my move to Nova Scotia. At the same time I would order my mobile home and make arrangements for the delivery and the setting or fly to Halifax and build it myself. 

From here things are taking their course and the most exciting time of my life would begin.  

So this is how I would do it after I moved to Nova Scotia twice and after having built four “portable” businesses. 

One thing is very important. During the whole process you should constantly listen to your heart. Since we have multiple experiences, we will gladly be here for you in the whole process. Your success is directly connected with ours. 

If you are at the point where your heart says ‘Yes’, it’s now time to make a reservation for your lot(s) at Forest Hill. Reservations are non-binding and can be cancelled at any time. For us your reservation is important too, because this gives us an idea how many really serious prospects there are so that we can begin to build the infrastructure. 

We wish you a lot of fun with planning. For further questions please send us an  eMail

See you in Forest Hill!

Your Iten family

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