Forest Hill – Why You Should (Must) Protect Your Goal & How

Today I want to share a true Story with you – an experience one of my prospects has recently made. That prospect is a middle-aged man who likes our project a lot. When he heard about Forest Hill he instantly knew that this was what he was looking for. Of course, he gave himself several months of thinking and consideration and he also wanted to come for a visit this spring. He was seeing himself there, he was planning and starting his new portable business, and he was even getting ready for the move. That’s how serious he was. He just felt it in his heart. 

After that prospect – let’s call him Marcus – talked to me about the project, got all his questions answered, started his new online business, prepared for the relocation, read all our blog posts and gathered all the necessary information , and he was even one of the first who joined our Expert Team because he had a brilliant idea for workshops for adults that would be a great addition to what we are doing in that team. He had decided to become one of our crowdfunders by using a part of his pension and even offered us to actively help build the retreat.

How much better can it get?!

For us, dealing with such motivated and decisive prospects is a real joy and makes our work significantly easier and things can move forward much faster. We were really looking forward to welcom Marcus to our group of future inhabitants and we had a very good feeling about him. 

A few weeks ago we learned from his partner that Marcus visited with a friend who works as a clairvoyant. Full of joy and excitement he told her about his plans to move to Forest Hill. Without being asked for her opinion, that psychic told Marcus that he was not the type for an emigration to another country and that he rather wanted to stay in Switzerland.

That  was the moment when Marcus’ goal died. What can you say when a clairvoyant who is supposed to know better than you?!

What had happened? 

Just until last summer, before he heard about Forest Hill, Marcus was a Swiss with his whole heart. But over the last few years a lot began to change within and he expanded his horizon. Another big motivator to move away from Switzerland was the fact that 5G was rolled out last year. So he arrived at a point where he was ready to expand his own perspectives and to make new life experiences. The Forest Hill project instantly matched his own vision of a fulfilling life and touched his heart. Besides, he was no longer happy with the job for quite a while; he wanted to resign this summer and become self-employed with his workshops in Forest Hill (a place that is simply ideal for his kind of workshops). To make this a success our Expert Team was willing to support him. 

What that psychic (how good and competent she may be is more than questionable) obviously “saw” was the type of man Marcus used to be.  Clairvoyants, psychics and fortunetellers can only make their prophecies based on what they currently of that person if they would not change at all or anything.  But fact is that we humans can and are changing every second of any given day. Most of the time these changes are minimal, but sometimes something happens that motivates us to make some bigger shifts.  Life is not a fact, life is a flow. But no psychic can foresee these subtle and minimal changes that will one day lead to a bigger change.

By forcing her own personal opionion on Marcus without even being asked, that “friend” of his has literally choked that goal….that tiny plant that was just about to rear its head above the soil and that was still growing and gaining strength from day to day. She literally nipped Marcus’ goal in the bud before it had reached full growth. 

The circle of self-fulfilling prophecies: somebody utters a prophecy and because the person believes it, he reacts and acts according to the prophecy and not according to facts. Thus a person creates the results himself through his thinking, feeling and actions and consequently makes the prophecy become true. A self-fulfilling prophecy does not become reality because the prophecy was correct but because the prophecy had been made.  

Would Marcus have ignored that unprofessional psychic’s words and moved accross the Atlantic, he would always had to wonder if she was right what consequenly might have lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy. Not because the clairvoyant was correct with her prophecy but because Marcus would have focused on failure subconsciously instead of succeeding. 

Don’t we all know similar situations with friends, family, neighbors, and acquantances who don’t even need to be psychics? The people around us have the tendency to constantly push us back to the status quo whenever we want to change something in our lives. It’s not that they do it on purpose or because they want to hurt us. They are lead by their subconscious that loves the status quo. They do it subconsciously for a very selfish reason and at the same time they are telling you that they only want your best. And if we aren’t very careful, we will soon live the life the people around us want us to live and not the life we are wishing for ourselves. 

In each city and village there is an increadibly valuable piece of real estate….a piece of land that is not worth millions or billions but trillions in any currency. Actually, that piece of land is simply invaluable and not even the richest man on earth would have enough money to pay for its value. I believe it was Wayne Dyer who said that the most expensive real estate are the grave yards because there are burried the most unused potential, the most unrealized dreams, and the most abandonned goals of all times. Each of these individuals had a far greater potential than they even knew. Only very few goals and visions got realized. Most of these people died still with their visions and goals inside of them. 

The by leaps and bounds biggest dream killers are “well-meaning” friends and relatives who want you to face their “facts”. We then call it “common sense”. Such a mindset we can find in 90% of the people who belong to the group of doomsayers, grudgers, and people sticking to their own, self-made little box who are eager to keeping us at the status quo….not because they want to prevent you from disapointment but because they want to prevent themselves from whatever they fear. Most people are deeply afraid of change and do everything to prevent their family and friends from changing as well.

But why do people who are supposed to love us and care for us do that?

Because, if we would reach new hights and new shores they would have to question their own status quo and that is very scary. Of course, this is anything but well-meant and absolutely not honest or helpful. It’s just plain egotistic and selfish. Unfortunately, most people belong to that group.

But how can we grow and make new experiences when those next to us are telling us that we can’t achieve our goals and that we can’t succeed with our visions? 

We can only succeed either with like-minded people or alone. That means that we have to be prepared and alert enough to protect our goal or vision until  it will be advanced far enough and that “plant” will be strong enough to endure strong winds of adversity. We have to be ready to be strong enough and not to listen to other people’s opinions no matter how close they are. We need to develop enough inner strength to filter out other people’s opinions and only focus on our goal or vision and nothing else.

I have made that experience many times in my life and as a consequence many of my goals that were very important to me and to the world could not be achieved. That’s why I had to learn at an early age not to talk about my goals with others until the goal will be realized. 

That’s the reason why I have alerted you in one of my blog posts not to talk to others about your wish or goal to live in an EMF-free place in Forest Hill or that you at least thinking about that oportunity. So often we ask others for their opinion because we are not sure of ourselves or when we are planning a big step into a new life that may feel a little bit scary at first. That notion is normal and understandable. But it’s never the people who can give you the right answers but only and exclusively your heart (or what is in your heart). 

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Sometimes it requires some practice, faith and trust to listen to our heart because our heads and “guts” want to interfere. But neither our head (the mind) nor the  “gut” (emotions) know the right answers. Only our heart does because the heart is the seat of the eternal truth. 

To hear the answers from our heart it requires room, quiet, and silence. In such a moment you can’t have any chatter and opinions around you. That process requires focus. On top of that it often requires time because we can’t expect the answers to come out of our heart immediately and clear because we are so used to make decisions with our mind. In such a process other humans are usually the worst advisers we can imagine, let alone afford. That is the reason why I have mentioned and recommended so often to listen to your heart. I can’t emphasize enough how very important this is for a sound decision making process. But never confuse intuition (from your heart) with a bad/good gut-feeling (emotions) or an idea coming from your mind. It requires practice to distinguish the three. 

Now I want to encourage you to think outside of the box. That doesn’t mean that you have to make a decision now. To image how a life in Forest Hill could be for you comes with no obligations. Day-dreaming simply means to find out how it makes you feel and if you could be happy there or not. Instead of asking what could go wrong you can ask yourself, “What if this will work out well for me?” “What if I will love it?” “What if I could live a healthier and better life?” “What if I would receive a visa?” “What if my money would be sufficient or if I would get the money from a source that is unknown to me at this point?” “What if there is the right solution I can’t see now?”


This simple mindset shift alone has brought many positive and unexpected things, solutions, and situations into my life. By shifting the mindset you are simply opening up for possibilities…nothing more or less.  And only when you are open and receptive you can receive the right answers. These answers may come as an intuition from within, through a friend who says something without knowing your plans, a book you are getting your hands on or something you suddenly hear. 


Until you will be through with that process you should really not talk about your plans with anybody…absolutely nobody! When your inner process will be through and you know what you want, it’s time to talk about it with your spouse or life partner and help him or her through the same decision process (if you are hitched). And until both of you will have made the decision, you should really protect your plans very, very well. Of course, during that time you can collect answers to your questions and talk to us. On top fo that, do NOT tell anybody else until you will have received the visa and until you will know what you want. From then it may still last several months before you can move, what will give you plenty of time to inform your family and friends. 

Of course, we are very grateful for your recommendations. That doesn’t mean that you have to reveal your own plans. You can simply tell people who might qualify for Forest Hill that you have heard about that project and that you think they might be interested in learning more about. You can simply give them the link to our website, and beyond that they don’t need to know anything about your own plans. 

One thing you need to understand. Of course you will have to talk to us about your plans because you can’t just come and build your house on the property. The difference between us and most of your friends is that we know how to protect your goal. Your plans will be very safe with us and we will only share possibilities with you. If we should ever see any obstacles in someones way, we will share possibilities how to deal with them. In other words, we will give you courage and hope without interfering with your decision process. On top of that we would never pursuade you and treat your goal with respect. And you will keep hearing us say, “Listen to your heart!”

Please understand that our plots are very limited to only about twenty, and we simply can’t afford to work with people who are the wrong ones, who can’t adjust, or who are used to quickly give up. We need pioneers with a sense of responsibility who can be a strong part of our community. We don’t want people who are easily influenced by opinions of others. 

Such a step can bring you many new and unexpected experiences, if you can open up your box a little bit. But if your heart says a clear ‘NO’, you absolutely need to listen to your heart. In that case we ask you to unsubscribe from our list immediately because each person on our list is costing us money each and every month.  Once you’ll have realized that this is not for you, please leave our list. 

This year we are going to face many significant changes on our planet and especially for those who are electro sensitive. You and I will or can be an important part of these changes. We as a goup have a purpose, no matter whether we are aware of or not. Simply the fact that you have found this project (which is not easy to find) is proof enough that you are meant to be part of these changes.  

Don’t allow others to destroy your dreams, visions, and goals! 

There is no doubt that your wishes and goals are worth being protected. It’s hard enough having to deal with ones own doubts. Now you can’t need to be confronted with the fears and doubts of thouse around you. Treat your goal and vision like a fragile young seedling that first needs to grow and become strong before being planted into the gound and to survive the weathers. 

We wish you all the best for your decision process. May you be optimally guided and inspired so you can find out what is right and important to you. 

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