What Does Moral Have To Do With Mobile Phones, Cancer, And Natural Disasters?

Certainly, our readers have realized by now that behind the Forest Hill project is a particular philosophy. Forest Hill is not a business but a collective endeavour between the owners of the land and the future renters. Such a big project can’t be realized without monetary goals in mind, unless there is a higher purpose behind it. 

That higher purpose is: 

To provide those people with an advanced consciousness who can’t deal well with our current world – be it because of the increased electrosmog, the gread or the ruination of our environment – with a pure, beautiful and unspoiled piece of earth where they can get in harmony with nature and heal on all levels. As soon as the human being is healed, they will develop the desire to also heal nature and the planet through increased expansion of light. That way we can serve all life. 

Therefore, to us a Forest Hill Retreat without the foundation of the universal Laws is unimaginable. 

For a better understanding we would like to talk about a section of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s book “Les lois de la morale cosmique” (“The Laws of the Cosmic Moral”) in this blog post. 

Aivanhov said that the organs that build man should be in unsison but seldom are.  What the stomach wants is not what the heart wants; and what the heart wants is being rejected by the brain. The human being has several levels that are not coordinated and well balanced. He lives with inner conflicts  and strains which have been caused by contradictory assumptions and passions and consequently he is unhappy. A part of him strives for charity, light and respectability while another part drives him to cruelty and sinister violence.

What shall we humans do with such various and conflicting aptitudes, Aivanhov asks.  With the help of a very small part of brain cells which are awake and intelligent the human being has to find ways and resources to control, to tame, and to sooth the rest and to restore unity among all parts like a counry with several provinces or states. Just like countries like Switzerland, Canada, and the USA had to learn to harmonize all parts and interests through raised awareness and consciousness, in our brain must light up a light one day, an intelligence to wake up, a “king” to rise and to take over the authority over our whole body and being. This is the only way to convince all cells of all the organs to put the collective interests first in order to become strong and healthy. 

Admittedly, people can’t achieve a state of harmony in a world where there rules a philosophy of strife, anarchy, and disintegration. Therefore, people must find a place on earth, where a philosophy of harmony is being cultivated, says Aivanhov. After the individual has dived into the big truths he can work on himself, which is really the best kind of work that exists. No other  practice in the world can be more meaningful and significant than the effort of a human being for inner harmony, order, and beauty so that he can become one with the cosmic intelligence. 

All people have a job to earn their living. Alas, they have given up on the best job, which is to work on oneself…to let harmony into the cells to the molecules, atoms, and electrones and thus to make them all vibrate in accord with the Divine idea and to constantly keep working to convince the whole organism that what it needs first is harmony (not fun, entertainment, and amusement). 


This is exactly the goal we want to achieve with the Forest Hill Retreat.  Because, in todays’s world of constant increasing EMF inner harmony is not possible anymore in many parts of the world. Forest Hill is surrounded by forests for hundreds of miles and to a large part unspoiled. With that we want to give a few people of raised awareness and consciousness such a place where they can completely heal on all levels: cells, molecules, atoms, and electrones. That, in turn, will have a positive effect on the whole planet earth. Even the tiniest candle can lighten the darkest room a little bit more. Every single person who  gets that badly needed rest, can heal on all levels and gains that inner harmony back contributes to the increase of the radiation for the whole planet. 

Moral is not an invention of men. Some believe that churches have come up with these rules to rule over the people. Of course, some popes and cardinales have mis-used their power, but they did not make up the universal laws. True moral and true religion are not human inventions. You can find these laws especially well in nature. 

You will reap what you sow. Don’t do onto others what you don’t want others to do onto you. These two statements were adopted by all major religions and they are part of the same universal law. 

You can find this law where nobody searches, where neither philosophers nor clerics think to search: in nature, especially in agriculture.  Every farmer knows that when he plants an apple tree he will not reap grapes, and when plants grapes he will not reap plums. This is the greatest moral low: you reap what you sow or plant. Likewise, you can’t sow wind without reaping storm.  That means when a person sows egotism, violance, and cruelty, he will one day reap the same. It’s like with the echo or the repulsion. This law has absolute  governance, meaning, no one can escape it ever. No absolution and no money in the world can buy you free and let you reap riches when you sow poverty, or reap health when you sow disease. 

Unfortunately, there is a group of individuals who completely ignore this law and have set the goal to destroy creation and men through microwaves. These people live against the universal laws and sow disease and death. The number of people who are getting sick (very sick) from the current mobile phone technology is growing daily. This disease – electrosensitivity – is so brutal and life destroying that the sufferers are hardly able to gain or sustain the necessary mastership over their bodies. They lose energy, the ability to concentrate (what is an absolute necessity to lead a healthy and good life), and they lose control over their brains. Over time it gets so bad that they can’t even make the smallest decision…their brains miss the capacity to make the connections that are necessary for the decision making process. Many develop cancer and die of the disease because microwaves destroy the DNA and depolarize the cells what inevitably leads to cancer. 

This too you can see in nature:

  • Since the invention of mobile phone antennas almost 80% of all insects in Europe are extinct, and as a sad consequence bats and birds are getting close to that number as well. Every train driver can tell you that they can hardly see any dead insects on the train windows anymore. Keen car drivers  see the same results. 
  • Since microwaves depolarize all cells (not only of the food that gets heated in the microwave oven), we experience more soil erosion, mud flow and rockslides. 
  • The same is true for water molecules. Through their magnetism they are supposed to link to each other. But because water molecules are being depolarized by microwaves also,  we are currently experiencing these heavy and torrential and devastating rainfalls. 
  • The combination of soil erosion and depolarized water molecules has the effect that the soil can’t absorb the rain properly what leads to these severe floods of recent years. 

And it will get worse!

In nature we can not only find the wisdome of creation but also healing. And this is one of the goals of the Forest Hill Retreat. This is a place where individuals with a raised awareness and alertness realize what’s currently going on in this world can find a healthy home where their body can recover and their mind can calm down and recuperate. Here the individual can connect with nature and creation and find inner peace. All that is needed is to go back to the roots, back to the essentials.  

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We’ll see you in Forest Hill

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