Living in Unity and Unison with Nature

It seems that the more we evolve the further away we are moving from nature and our true beings. Externally we have won so much over the last centuries but at the same time we have lost very much internally. 

Of course, we have more to eat than ever. Even people close or at the poverty line can still afford some luxury goods like television, cell phones and cars in Western countries because these things are seen as basics. 

Many citizens have their own houses. We travel every country of the world, if we like.  The leasure opportunities are countless and we have a huge choice regarding how to spend our spare time. We can afford luxury goods and soon after litter and replace them with newer models.

But for all that the majority of us impoverish internally more and more. Hundreds of thousands of people spend a big chunk of their free time with internet games where they find fictitious friends and interact with them on a daily basis…though they will never be able to look into their “friends'” eyes or touch their hands.  Instead of meating new people and making new friends out in the world almost everyone is busy with their smart phones and don’t even see what is going on around them. More and more people are growing lonely without even realizing that they are mainly living in a fictitious world; and because most people around us act in the same lonely way it becomes increasingly difficult to build a good, solid and loyals circle of friends. 

Young people find it difficult to find a suitable partner because everything has become more complex and confusing and because Mr. or Mrs. Right  spend most of their time on the internet or in front of the TV as well. Their hearts are becoming lonelier and sadder….depression and suicides increase. 

On the other hand we are so well off and we had every reason to be happy and tremendously grateful.

Actually, it would and could be so easy to live a good, healthy, and happy life.

Man in his dual nature – physical and spiritual – has countless possibilities to live a fulfilling life.  We could have our heads in spiritual realms while being with our feet firmly on the ground of Mother Earth and enjoy the life in a physical body.  The only prerequisite for such a sensible and fulfilling life is simply to live in unity and unison with nature. 

Nature models and demonstrates a healthy and abundant life. Nature shows us how to live in wealth and abundance without destroying her.  Nature shows us the natural laws by which we should abideso that we can live a happy and healthy life.  In nature the whole plan of the Creator can be seen. All we’d have to do is to connect with nature and we’d be perfectly protected and we’d have everything we needed in this life. 

When I spend only three hours on our lake in Forest Hill I am so much recovered and completely charged with energy like after a two weeks vacation.  The same way I only felt after a one-week sailing course. The only requirement is to completely let go and to connect with that untouched and unspoiled energy we have in Forest Hill.  Of course we can connect with nature everywhere. But in our world it is not that easy anymore to find a spot that is not contaminated and irradiated and that demonstrates unfiltered the beauty of creation. 

Some people believe that Forest Hill is a power spot. I don’t know…maybe it is. All I know and all that matters to me is that such places have become very rare in Europe that completely belong to Mother Nature and that are not disturbed by men and clean.  Whether it is a power spot (hundreds of years ago Forest Hill was an Indian village) or simply the unspoiled energy of Mother Nature I can’t tell – I don’t think that it really matters. Does it make a difference? The only thing that matters is that it works. To me the only thing that matters  is the strong energy because I find it easier to connect with the Source and to charge my batteries. That’s how most visitors to Forest Hill feel as well. 

In Forest Hill it is easy to live a healthy life. The property offers enough room to grow healthy food for all future inhabitants. The water is clean and pure, the air is pure and crystal clear, and we will have our own alternative power. Wenn you take a step out of your door you are immediately in the middle of nature. Once you are out of your cottage you can hardly resist to make a one-hour walk along the lake or deeper into the forest.  Forest Hill is all – as the name indicates – forest and the air is impregnated with its beautiful scents. Because of the peace and quiet it is easy to sleep deep and soundly at night. 

If you want to learn more about the Forest Hill Retreat, please to go 

We are looking forward to the day when YOU will see the beauty and feel the unspoiled energ of Forest Hill.

See you in Forest Hill!

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