Living a Simple Yet Rich Life at Forest Hill – How “Simple” Can Add to Your Life Quality

Living a simple life

Recently I’ve watched a few videos with the topic “minimalistic lifestyle” because this is a topic that interests me. Living a simple life can make any life significantly easier and add to the quality of life. 

Each year I have a phase where I have the desire to declutter and get rid of several boxes full of stuff. In my last declutter phase I reduced my personal belongings to half.  That was quite liberating. Thus, each time I move it gets cheaper and easier.

Most of our subscribers would like to live at Forest Hill for good. This inevitably means that one has to think about what can stay and what needs to go. The reason for such serious consideration is that you can get most of the household goods much cheaper in Canada than you would have to pay for the relocation. With only 400m2 of land you can’t build a mansion. Of course you may rent two or three lots. Nevertheless, this kind of lifestyle literally forces you to grapple with the question what is really important to you and what’s not.

Of course each inhabitant of Forest Hill can choose his new home entirely at his or her personal liking, provided that you will receive the building permit (what is relatively easy). Whether you’ll choose a tent, a camper, or a mobile home from frugal to very luxurious, we don’t care. This is entirely your decision because  you and you alone have to be happy with your new home.

Still, it’s a fact that room is limited. Therefore most of our serious prospects consciously choose a simpler lifestyle at Forest Hill because they want to reduce their life to the essentials. They are longing to reconsider their life priorities. 

18 months ago I moved into a mobile home myself because I wanted to know how it feels to lead such a life. I have to admit I like it. The place is too small for all my belongings, therefore I’m being forced to regularly reduce them. I like this process because each time something leaves my home I feel freer and I like that feeling. Even though we don’t have to carry our belongings on our own back like snails do, it still exerts an energetic burden. Living a simple life adds tremendously to the quality of our life. 

Living a simple life

Our future inhabitants – especially those who want to move to Forest Hill for good – will soon be facing similar decisions: What do I want to take with me? What do I really need? What can I easily let go of? What is dear and important to me? What makes more sense to purchase in Canada? 

Friends of mine immigrated from Switzerland to Canada 30 years ago and they moved with nothing but their clothes and two boxes with books and a few personal belongings. For that they even didn’t need a relocation company but brought everything with them by plane and paid a little bit of an over-weight fee. That is about the cheapest way of relocating you can imagine. 

For this kind of decisions it’s helpful to reflect on the questions what is really important early in the process. We constantly evolve, and what seems important to us this year may not have any priority to us next year anymore. And then it’s exactly those things that can put a strain on you when you have to take care of these things in your life without really being aware of. Only after you have let go of them you will feel the burden these things had caused for you so far. 

Another friend of mine, a Feng Shui expert has the life principle that everything she did not use or touch within a year has to go. Another way is to listen well to what you’re telling yourself. Whenever you think, “I may use this one day” or “Someone else may need it one day” you should let it go because you’re telling yourself lies without being aware of. Such thoughts alone are a trap and proof that such an item is not important to you at all.  It’s a good idea to only keep things that make you feel good; this might be a great criteria for what needs to go and what can stay. Of course, there are things we don’t really need but that are still good for us. 

Living a simple life

By the way, from the standpoint of Feng Shui it is crucial to eliminate everything that is broken. Broken things are a bad thing to start a new life with in another country or in a new place.

Here is a simple rule of thumb for hand sorting.

Ask yourself:

  1. Did I need this item during the last 12 months and will I really need it for the next 12 months? If the answer is ‘No’, then it’s time to sell it, give it away or trash it. 
  2. Do I love this item so much that I don’t mind paying expensive relocation costs for it?
  3. Is this item an important memory of a loved one or a particular time of my life I want to keep in my memory?
Living a simple life

Once you have sorted out what will have to go, there is only one question left to answer: Do I want to trash it, donate it, or sell it? By the way, once you have let go of everything that doesn’t come with you, it might be a good idea to go through that same sorting process at least two more times. You will be surprised how many things you can let go of after a while. 

Living a simple life reduced to the essentials has enormous advantages. First of all it brings you a feeling of relief, peace of mind. On top of that it grants discharge to the environment when we purchase less stuff we don’t really need. In the process you automatically develop an increased quality awareness.  We begin to realize that we don’t need to relinquish what is important to us….only things that have no real meaning for us.

Living a simple yet rich life

Isn’t it interesting how decluttering a house or even just one room can free your head?

And suddenly we realize that 400m2 of land (I currently live in a mobile home on 200 m2) for one person and 800-1,200m2 for a family is more than we really need, especially when we are living in midst of thousands of square miles of forest. 

We would like to hear what your experiences in prioritizing, decluttering, and reducing are. We would like to hear your opinion on this topic and on living a simple life so that we can benefit from your personal experiences. Please post them below.

While you are employing planning a possible move to Forest Hill, please remember to reserve your favorite spot.

See you in Forest Hill!

Maja Iten and family

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