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One question we hear a lot is how the job market is in the Guysborough area. The whole area is very thinly populated and therefore there are only few jobs available. That doesn’t mean that there is no chance at all. Sometimes there are jobs no local person is qualified for.  Therefore I would not give up so easily, if you depend on a paid job in order to move to Forest Hill. I have recently been informed by an immigration officer from Halifax that there are several job opportunities are going to be provided in our area. 

However, if you do need a job, then I would suggest to give your job search the highest priority. Having a job or your own business is prerequisite for getting the permanent resident visa (unless you have a lot of money). 

Since today it’s easier than ever in history to build your own home-based (portable) business I would highly recommend to take that possibility into consideration. There are millions of freelance opportunities and other work you can do from home and there is a business opportunity for anybody. Running your own freelance or home-based business is a great way to keep a good balance between work and private life. By the way, freelancing is pretty much the only business I know of you can start making money right from the get go (see,, etc.). 

In Forest Hill we will create a few part-time jobs, maybe even one or two fulltime jobs. Not all jobs will be available from the very beginning, other jobs will only be available during the starting phase.  Of course, we would prefer to give these jobs to our future inhabitants at Forest Hill and not to local businesses because you have our first priority. 

Here are a few jobs we will create or may be in the position to create, if there is the need: 

  • Carpenter/Cabinet Maker: We have found a construction company that builds pre-fab and toxin-free log homes. These log homes need to be assembled en lieu and insulated by a professional carpenter; and the completion of the interiors also need to be done by a professional. This job will last about two years, maybe longer. After the completion of all the buildings at Forest Hill we will consider to offer that service outside of the retreat as well. These tradesmen will be hired by us.
  • Gardener/Farmer or a person who is already experienced in that kind of work: for our organic permacultur farm – we plan to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries, nuts, mushrooms, maybe a little bit grains.
  • Animal Farming: chicken, goats, fishery.
  • Bee Keeper for our future bee populations: this job includes to build bee hives, bee-keeping, honey production, also the planting of ideal flowers to provide our bees with enough food, and marketing the honey. 
  • Custodian/Caretaker with mechanical and good English skills, who lives on the property all year round and who is there for the inhabitants when needed, for snow plowing in winter, and for repair work, etc.  He also needs to be able to communicate with external tradesmen. 
  • Electrician/Electrical Technician/Electroengineer: who can install our complete solar plant, help our renters keep their homes e-smog free, who can install a machine that helps them save power, if they so wish – this trade might also be offered to local people  outside of Forest Hill later  because that technology is brand new.
  • Construction Workers, who are willing to help our future inhabitants build their cabin, if they wish so (only during the building phase). 
  • Driver who can drive our carless renters to the town for grocery shopping and doctor’s visits. We will provide the vehicle. 
  • 1-2 Security People, who will travel with us to do our talks and workshops (must be physically fit, must like travelling and must have a strong protective instinct). 
  • Editor/Ghostwriter: there will be an entire expert team of health professionals, coaches, teachers, therapists, etc. and we as a group will need a good writer and editor. This job will be available on an ongoing basis. Impeccable English skills and experience in writing/ghostwriting and editing are a requirement. 
  • Internet Expert: for regular updates of several of our websites and to build new ones. This is an ongoing job. 
  • Marketing Expert: for our Online-Marketing (3 different businesses). This too is an ongoing job. 
  • Social Media Expert with English mother tongue: for daily updates of our social media sites – needs impeccable writing and communication skills.
  • Experienced Secretary/Assistant with English mother tongue. 
  • 1-2 Persons  for our book table during talks and workshops:  must like to travel, needs some intermediate English conversation skills.  
  • Wood Cutter for cutting and splitting fire wood for our community and for the reforestation. This will be a permanent appointment. 
  • House Sitter: there will be some future renters who will only stay at Forest Hill for a few months per year – these people may want/need somebody who will take care of their cottages and their yards while they’ll be away. Some will rent their cabins to tourists and will need help with cleaning and washing.  
  • Provider of Vaccation/Rental Cabins: this is not a job per se, but rather a way of investing. Many of our prospects are interested in renting a cabin instead of having their own. Depending on the size of your log home you can charge between $600 and $800 per week from tourists and up to $800 per month from long-term tenants.
  • Health/Lifestyle Experts (writers, coaches, therapists, bloggers, book authors, speaker, adult educators, therapists): If you want to build your expert business before you will move to Forest Hill, and if you don’t want to do that alone but prefer doing this with a whole group of experts , this is your opportunity. If you have a particular knowledge regarding health, healthy living, economic lifestyle, healthy building, alternative lifestyles, etc. please get in touch with us ASAP
  • Artists: the forests and the beaches are full of free natural material to create home decoration items. This is currently a big trend and such items are well paid for. Such home decoration items can be sold on Christmas markets, farmers’ markets and on online platforms like and We can do that work as a team from the production to the marketing. 
  • Store Keeper for our organic store: we plan to have our own small organic store where the inhabitants of Forest Hill can purchase their organic food, the produce from our own farming, fish, eggs, natural cosmetica, healthy detergents, propane, fire wood, etc.

Please contact us with your ideas or inquiries, and also visit this page regularly, if you need a job, because this list will change. If you have some skills and talents to offer that might be needed, let us know as well. 

If you are interested in one of these jobs, please get in touch with us so that we can talk about your qualifications and reserve your favorite job for you. 

If you want to build your own freelance or other home-based business, we are here  to assist you with our personal experiences. Your success is our success. We want happy inhabitants at Forest Hill

See you at Forest Hill!

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  1. Can u elaborate on renting a spot : Cost, size, etc.
    I also want to know more about the “wind turbine” u are talking about building.
    U see, they built wind turbines all around my 50 acre property, some as close as 600 meters, I got so very sick from them. We had to leave our home of 25 years, 18 months after they started the turbines spinning. It has taken me almost 4 years to recover. However I have been left with a permeant EHS disability. So maybe some more research is needed when it comes to energy source ???

    1. Hello Maggie. That information is in our brochure. You can order it for free simply by filling out the yellow box on the upper right hand side of the website.
      We are still in communication with an expert because wind turbines also have their downsides. There are alternatives, though.

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