Is Radiation-Free Living Possible at Forest Hill?

Density of Mobile Phone Towers in Switzerland

Quote Radiation-Free Living: 

“Idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice; it is as indispensable to the brain as vitamin D is to the body. The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration—it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.” – Tim Kreider, New York Times.

5G is now on people’s minds constantly. It truly is a sad outlook. Although there are a few unheard of possibilities we can use to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In this article I want to discuss the question, whether we can escape microwave radiation and enjoy radiation-free living in Forest Hill. How can we know that we will be safe in Forest Hill? 

One of the advantages of that area is the small population of the Guysborough County and large parts of the county are radiation-free.  Nova Scotia is 55,000km² large and has only appr. 959,000 inhabitants of whom a large part live in the agglomeration of Halifax.  Please take your time to check out “Guysborough County, NS” on Google Maps and you will see that it is mostly forest and lakes. And when you look up “Forest Hill, Guysborough, NS”, you’ll see nothing but lakes and forests for miles and miles. Since the problem of EHS people, for instance, is neighbors using cell phones and WiFi, that problem is significantly smaller in the Guysborough County because there are so few neighbors and NONE in Forest Hill. So this alone increases the chance of radiation-free living. 

For instance, in the Guysborough County the population in 2016 was only 7’625 and is constantly decreasing. With a size of 4,044.15 km2  the County has a population density of only 1.9 person per km2 (numbers of 2016).  Last year alone the population shrank for another 6.4% (in 2011 it was even 10.2%) and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better.  Well, this is certainly “better” for our purpose: the less people, the less radiation, the greater the chance for radiation-free living

Well, the mis-fortune of the County is our fortune. That means that our chances to live a radiation-free life are getting better and better. Especially in this area it doesn’t pay for telephone companies to build cell phone towers. In the whole county there are only four antennas (see image above). The larger density of towers are along the Trans Canada Highway in the neighboring County and too far away from Forest Hill to bother us.  

Let us now look at the Forest Hill area. As you can see on the screenshot above, there is no single house for miles. There is nothing but trees, lakes and brooks. The next two hamlets are Salmon River Lake (north-east) and Cross Roads Country Harbour (south-east). To give you an idea of the dimensions, the Guysborough Country Harbour Road between these two hamlets is 12 miles long (19,3km) and the Forest Hill Road diverts pretty much in the middle off that road and leads further into the forest. 

Radiation-free living at Forest Hill

Now let’s look at our neighbors in Salmon River Lake at the beginning of the Guysborough Country Harbour Road an (see screenshot below). 

East of the Forest Hill Road there are only 8 buildings and they are still miles away from Forest Hill. 

If we would drive to the left from the Forest Hill Road (West), we would find only a single building that is several miles away from the Forest Hill Retreat. (see screenshot above). In fact, this is our closest neighbor

After about 20km we have arrived in Cross Roads Country Harbour, what is called a “village” in Guysborough County (see screenshot above). For Europeans and Americans this is nothing but a bunch of houses.

Now let’s look at the south where you find Country Harbour Mines with one of the mobile antennas in our county. In the whole county there are only four and none of them can reach Forest Hill. Even if they were insanely strong, they could not reach Forest Hill because we are in the hills and the antennas are all along the shore. Therefore we are very well protected by hills and forests and radiation-free. You just have to see it to know what I mean. 

Radiation-Free Living at Forest Hill

Since you now know the area around Forest Hill and the Guysborough Country Harbour Road which is our access road to Forest Hill, you may now understand why I’m so positive that there will be no antennas and hot spots in the near future or even during our life time. The telephone companies are not stupid…they are greedy. They think economically and don’t waste their money. So there is definitely the chance of radiation-free living

Now, with 5G things may look differently because this may or will also be supported by satellites. But here too I’m confident that we will be safe and radiation-free in Forest Hill and that you can recover from EHS for several reasons. 

1.) These satellites will only be active when there is the need for a cell phone or WiFi user. And since there won’t be any need in Forest Hill, we will be left out. It’s entirely on us to keep Forest Hill radiation-free. 

2.) The second reason is, again, the forests. In a clean environment any radiation do much less harm than in cities.  Besides, the trees will protect us. 

3.) There are some meditations that create an aura of protection around a person or a place so that you can recover from EHS. And since we will be a whole group and several members of that group will regularly add to the protection of our little “village”, our protection will constantly increase…day by day, month by month, year by year. We will be living in kind of a clean, radiation-free bubble. 

4.) You may have heard the saying, “What you focus on you will increase”. Since we will not have to focus on microwave radiation at Forest Hill, we will not increase the bad vibrations but the good ones instead. Positive vibrations also add to a person’s protection what significantly helps recover from EHS. 

So this is one point. The second point is that as soon as you will have moved to Forest Hill, things will change for you quickly and you can begin to recover and regain your strength. Although EHS/MCS/FMS sufferers can hardly imagine how a healthy, symptom-free life can look like, it’s exactly that.  I personally got rid of EHS, FMS, and CFS with my own power and entirely without any medical intervention.  And, mind you, since 2005 I live in extremely radiated Switzerland (see first image at the top). Although I sense when someone uses a cell phone or WiFi, I still sleep well at night and the radiation can’t affect my nervous system because I have a strong aura of protection around me. Recently a friend of mine went from “grounded” and not able to leave the house at all to back to “normal” within only 7 months with my strategy. So, when we could do it, you can do it as well. All you need to know is HOW. 

My goal is to share my personal experience with our future inhabitants at Forest Hill, if they are interested. There is a powerful way of protection you can apply anywhere and at any time. And I’m not talking about shielding, tools, or gadgets. These are nothing but a great way to make a lot of money from a group of very desperate people that don’t change anything about the situation itself. So this is the second part of my EHS-free strategy and path to radiation-free living.

Now let’s talk about another part. Some years ago I have learned that the higher vibration always dominates the lower vibration. So I immediately put that theory to the test by raising my own body’s vibration. Over the course of a few years I got to the point where I could lead a normal life again. Again, one of my friends did it in seven months. 

And then there are also a few things we can do for our body so that it can better deal with electro-smog. It took me about 5 years to figure that all out and finally get back to normal. Could I have lived in Forest Hill during that time, my recovery would have been significantly faster. 

Radiation-free living at Forest Hill

Once our future inhabitants at Forest Hill will be back to “normal” and able to lead a “normal” life, they are free to stay at Forest Hill or make room for someone else and go back to their old life. I’m very positive that we will always find a buyer for your mobile  home, if you like. However, I have the feeling that most renters will want to stay at Forest Hill. 

Now, these are all solutions for individuals who are open to see the potential. The fact that the microwave technology is a deadly one and will soon cost hundreds of thousands of lives still remains.  A complete exit can only happen once a harmless alternative will replace the current technology. Until then we have to do what I call use the “power of consumers” – only consume what we want to support and teach others to do the same. If nobody used cell phones and WiFi, the industry would very quickly change their strategy and come up with a new solution. And until then we can only try to do our best to help ourselves because no one else will.  It requires a lot of patience to wait until humanity will come to their senses and stop using a weapon for having fun and the very questionable benefit of constantly being accessible and exchanging a lot of superficial nonsense on social media. 

To answer the question in the title whether there is a way of radiation-free living, most people would answer with the adage,  “You can run but you can’t hide”.  This is certainly true when you live in Switzerland and some other European countries or in bigger North American cities. In this article we have introduced you to a piece of earth that will remain radiation-free for a long time where afflicted people can recover from EHS and regain their strengths. 

radiation-free living at Forest Hill

If you’re now at a point in your life where you are willing and ready to actively take your personal health and sanity into your own hands and make some permanent changes for radiation-free living, then it’s time to make a reservation for your spot at Forest Hill now and make an appointment for a visit. Here is the brochure with all the needed information: Download the “Life in Forest Hill” Brochure HERE!

Here’s to your radiation-free living :-). We’ll be seeing you in Forest Hill!

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