Are you sick and tired of our contaminated and irradiated world? We hear you and feel the same. That’s why we have decided to open up our Forest Hill Retreat to new inhabitants who are searching for a healthy environment. So Forest Hill can become your home too.


Welcome to the Forest Hill Retreat

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and as the first thing you hear the birds sing. Through your open window you smell the sweet scent of the balsam fire and the sugar maple trees. You get out of your bed – well rested and reniewed like not in a  long time. Surprised you breathe in the extraordinary fresh and pure air, and you feel how the energy is filling your whole body. Your by emissions tormented nose first has to get used to such intensive scents of the forest and true, unspoiled nature.

see-in-ns-2You take a step out of the door of your log cabin (mobile home, hobbit house, yurte, etc.) and breathe again the frest air of the forest. The gentle ripple of the lake and the song of the birds are music for your noise-tormented ears. Over the lake echoes the typical mating call of the loon and above your cabin an eagle is on its beat searching for food. Behind your cabin a dear disappears in the bush. 

From your yard you pick a few fresh flowers or herbs and go on a relaxing morning walk along the lake. biberThe sun shines warm on your skin and you decide to swim a round or two to wake up the last tired muscle in your body.  On the other side of the lake you can spot a bear with her baby allying their thirst. While you step into the refreshing water, the two bears run away.  Even the biever decided to leave the lake to yourself and discretely hides in its dam. 

cabin-in-the-woods-3Refreshed you go back to your cabin where your morning coffee is filling the house with its delicious smell. Now you’re definitely ready to start your day with new energy and power and decide to work a few hours from the comfort of your home on the internet or over the phone, to write your book, to do another job or to work in your yard…whatever comes to your mind. 

After lunch you have again the choice. You can go fishing, visit with friends, indulge in your hobby. work in your garden, meditate under the canopy of the trees, spend, quality time with your family, or simply have a nap in your hammock.

Before dinner you pick some fresh salad leaves or vegetables from your own garden and cook a delicious and healthy meal. Afterwards you let your your beautiful day come to an end in front of the fire place with some dear friends and a glass of good wine. Or you simply sit on your porch and watch what kinds of animals walk, fly, or crawl by your cabin.  Then you go to bed with the good feeling that you’ve had a great, rich, high-quality day and sink into your mattress with the confidence of a person who has paid all his or her bills. Happily and relaxed your head rests on your pillow and you allow your dreams to take over with the certainty that life and creation are just so goooooood.

Isn’t life on the lake beautiful?

Hallo dear reader!

Do you sometimes ask yourself, where all the madness going on in our world will lead us to?

Are you genuinely worried about the recent political developtments? Or has Europe or your country simply become to tight for you for whatever reason? 

Do you realize that there must be something wrong with our weather and that we humans might be the cause of? 

Do you need more room and nature and are longing for a place that brings you closer to nature where you can breathe freely? 

Are you or a family member EHS (highly electro sensitive), MCS (multiple chemical sensitive), oder allergic? 

Are you longing for a place where the nature is unspoiled and pure and where you can have the utmost quality of life without having to  work 16 hours just to be able to pay your bills …and without having to forgoe some of the comforts of our time?

There still exist a few such places on earth. There exist places where the air is so pure that you can charge your batteries within an afternoon like you just had a two-week vaccation. There exist a few places where nature smells so intensive as we don’t know it in crowdy Europe or large cities anymore. There exist places where the sky is star-studded at night and where still the fireflies dance in warm Summer nights. 

And there is especially one place where you can live in harmony and unity with nature…where you can deeply sink into life and feel in your own body what it means to be ONE with nature. There is such a place…one of the most beautiful pieces on earth you can soon call your home. 

Hi, my name is Maja Iten and this is exactly how I and my family feel and the life we wish for ourselves. It’s good, simple life with a lot of quality…a life that makes sense…a live in union with nature…a life with another form of “richnesses” than we are used to from our  consumer society…a life in place that is not contaminated and irradiated. In order to live such a high-quality life we don’t need to destry nature…we can live that kind of life in union with nature.

When we purchased that land in Forest Hill, Nova Scotia we wanted to keep the 150 acres to ourselves. But somehow this doesn’t feel right. That’s why we have decided to share this precious piece of nature with a few other people who feel the same way we do, who appreciate the pure nature, and who are willing and ready to take care of it. Who knows…maybe this experience as a group might become and example for others…

An important criteria for our plans is that everybody can afford a life in Forest Hill, regardless of their budget. That’s why we have chosen a form of living that is often chosen in Canada and the US for trailer parks. Everyone who wants to be part of our retreat can rent a piece of land and put their own mobile home, trailer, tent, camper or whatever you need or want on the land.  Each lot has access to water, power, the sewer and a road. The lots are spacious and allow the future inhabitants to choose the style of their future home and to create a nice yard according to their desires.

Currently we want to limit the numbers of buildings to 25 and see how things will work out.  After all we don’t want a village but simply a community of nature-loving and like-minded people. To make sure that the future inhabitants will fit, we will choose them well. One of the most important criteria to become part of our community is the love for nature and the willingness to protect nature, the animals and their habitat on the property. 

The lots can be used as first or second home or as a vaccation home. Since life is relatively low priced even people with a smaller income can afford to live in Forest Hill. Such in “income” can be a retirement pension, an income through homework, network marketing, an online business, writing books, freelancing, etc. That’s how we do it and we are more than willing to share our experiences with you so that you can generate an income from home for yourself and at the same time live  your dream of a good, healthy and natural life.

If you like more information about a life on the lake in Forest Hill, please fill out the box on the right side with your name, address, phone and email address. You will then receive an email within only a few minutes with our free brochure with all the important facts and information.

We are looking forward to telling you more about life in Forest Hill Retreat. 


Your Iten family

P.S. (Request with false addresses and names will be deleted immediately because we only want to communicate with people who are serious.) 

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