Do You Have What it Takes to Be Happy at Forest Hill?

This morning a whopping 16,367,500 (5%) people woke up in the USA alone, shedding private tears because they need a solution for their electro sensitivity. And even worse, with the outlook of 5G being rolled out this year internationally, they don’t have any hope to get better but feel that things are going to be even worse then they already are now. 
16 Million people in only one country with NO hope!
In Europe it’s at least that much because the radiation here is even worse. 
And as much as I wish I could help all of them, we have only about 20 spots for mobile homes in Forest Hill at this time (yes, I know these numbers have changed several times, but this is how the situation is right now). On our list alone there are more than ten times that many people. That means, we may have to narrow down our target group. 
So last week I have been thinking, what kind of people will fit best and who has what it takes to be happy in Forest Hill? After all we want people who will be happy living there.  
Here are a few characteristics I came up with:
1.) Our future inhabitants inevitably need kind of a pioneering spirit because, most of them would have to move to another province or even to another country or continent. The second reason why they need to be pioneers in their heart is because we are about to build something that is not existing yet. It’s not only going to be a new radiation-free home, it’s also going to be a new lifestyle. That calls for courage and openness. There aren’t many opportunities on this over-populated planet anymore where you need to be kind of a pioneer to live. That’s why so many Europeans love the idea to live in Canada, especially men. 
2.) They ideally are doers. Many of our prospects are electro-sensitive or MCS and many don’t have much energy. I know that from my own personal experience from times when it was even a major task for me to go to the kitchen and cook a meal. Nevertheless, for such a project we all need to have at least the mentality of doers, of people who can get the task done (even if it may take longer than it used to take before 3G, 4G and 5G). And as we will be Living in Forest Hill and can recover from EHS and MCS, our bodies will get stronger and working will no longer be a problem, as long as they have a doers mindset. 
3.) At the same time they also have patience. Because the Forest Hill project is something new that did not previously exist, it takes patience for things to evolve. There are things you just can’t force. Of course we wish we had more Crowdfunders, and as it looks like right now we will have to go with an investor what will increase the rent. But some of us just can’t wait another two years. So we have decided to look for an investor who likes our project and can agree to the philosophy behind. Yet, it still requires patience. 
4.) Flexibility & adaptability. Those individuals who are flexible regarding the move-in time will find it easier. You see, at this point we still don’t know when the right investor will come so that we can start with the construction work. And the right investor will most likely not come until we will have our 20 reservations to show. And this is exactly something we can’t force. People will be ready when they will be ready. Until then all of us determined individuals will have to remain flexible and be ready for the move whether it’s going to be this July or next July. However, there is something you can do if you belong to the seriously interested ones. You can call us and make a reservation. Or at least you can let us know when you’ll want to come for a visit. The more serious prospects we have, the sooner we will find the right investor. On top of that it would also be helpful if our future inhabitants have the flexibility to move soonest possible. 
5.) The ideal inhabitants are willing or even wanting to live a simpler life. They are fed up with the over-populated, over-toxic, over-radiated, way too loud cities and are longing for a peaceful and quiet place without having to be afraid of that taking a deep breath could kill them. They are aware that leading a simpler life brings more real quality of life. Simple does not mean frugal. Leading a simpler life is liberating. 
6.) An absolute must – and this is non-negotiable – is that a future inhabitant must be a nature lover. We can’t have people who crush a caterpillar with their shoes because they don’t understand what the purpose of that caterpillar is, for example. We can’t have people who treat trees, plants and animals with disrespect. And we would like to go even further than that. There is also a large population of so-called unseen beings on our property. And whether we can see them or not, they do exist, they habe been living there for millions of years and will still live there millions of years after we will have gone. Just like us, they have a right to live and to have their own space as well. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t want to fill the entire 150 acres with cabins (apart from the topography of the property and the need of space for growing food for all). 
7.) For that reason, respect for all life is another characteristic we are looking for in our future neighbors and friends. 
8.) Another very helpful characteristic would be if you belong to those individuals who know what they want. This kind of people don’t expect things already to be perfect before they will move in, but they are willing and ready to offer a hand to make things perfect. They know what they want, they are decisive, and they make things happen instead of waiting until things will happen to them (what will never happen anyway, by the way). 
9.) And last but not least it will be helpful if you can bring a kind of openness to face new adventures and situations. This requires a form of joy of living and a willingness to take life as it presents itself moment by moment. Most people will rather remain in their status quo and eventually die of boredome. But those who are open for new experiences are more able to live life to the fullest. This is what makes life really worthwhile, and these are the people who will actually be happy at Forest Hill
You can be happy by dreaming for a while. But at some point disappointment creaps in.  The happiest people are those who go about their dreams and make them happen. To find out if you’re one of the lucky individuals who could be happy at Forest Hill, ask yourself the following question:
Did I dream about Forest Hill since I heard about for the first time or did I already take some actions to make this dream come true (i.e. taking an English class if English is not my first language, applying for the visa, making an apointment to visit Forest Hill, made a calling apointment, start a portable business, make a reservation, etc.?). If you already have taken one of these steps, then there is the chance that you are a doer and that you have the potential to make your dreams come true and be happy. 

So, what do you think? Do you have one or several of these characteristics? 

Do you have what it takes to be happy at Forest Hill

I’m looking forward to reading your answer below in the comment section. Please let’s have a conversation here. 

Wishing you a great weekend!

We’ll see you in Forest Hill.

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