Goal Achievement – You Are the Creator of Your Own Destiny

We have many enthused prospects and readers who would like to live in the Forest Hill Retreat. Some are serious, others are just dreamers, and their enthusiasm will bring them nowhere.

Some of them only see the things that are standing in their way:

  • not enough money
  • too old
  • too tired and worn out
  • too sick
  • too young
  • I can’t because…. (fill in the blanks)
  • I have no chance of receiving a visa for Canada
  • I have no chance to get a job in Canada
  • I have the wrong profession
  • my partner doesn’t want to move
  • the children don’t want to move
  • my parents-in-law need me
  • my neighbours need me
  • etc. 

This is what we hear so often, “I really would like but I can’t because….!”

It’s not that these reasons are not real, and often they are not even excuses but perceived as real limitations.  They are real….at least to the person.  What most people forget though is that we are the creators of our own fate. And what still has not yet gotten into people’s mind is the fact that we can achieve pretty much anything if we really want. The secret is in the wanting not in the wishing. We can wish as much as we want and nothing will happen. 

The utter “I would really like to….” really means “I would like to, but I don’t believe it will happen for me.” The “I would like to…” always leaves a  back door open where you can sneak out. And thus you have already set the seal on your future and closed that door of possibility. 

“But I can’t because….” is always the untruth. Even when a person experiences something in a certain way and firmly believes in that these limitations are true, it is still not true because it’s not based on a true, universal principle. What are being described are personal, individual limits, but limits are never true per se but only individual perceptions. This has nothing to do with the truth. These are self-made/man-made limits we have created ourselves and we believe them because we have decided subconsciously to believe them. But as a matter of fact these limits could instantly and easily be let go of and the person could make completely different experiences. 

When I hear such reasoning it happens very seldom that I think, “This is really a difficult situation and I can’t offer a solution here.” And even that doesn’t mean that there is no solution – it only means that I can’t see it either. In most cases I instantly see several possibilities to solve an issue or to overcome some limitations to fulfill their wish and achieve their dreams. They are simply too much caught up in their own negative and limited thinking to see the solutions even if they are presented right in front of their nose.  

When we really want soemthing, then there is nothing in the world that can hold you off, unless you let it happen. Then the statement should be, “I want this, even though I currently don’t have the right solution. But I know for sure that the solutions will present themselves soon.” Such a statement has a whole different power. 

Very often it’s fear that is holding us up from achieving our dreams. It’s the uncertainty that scares us. We don’t know what is to be expected when we are going to achieve a goal or a desire. Well, when we don’t try we will never find it out.  

In my former job as a success coach I have seen it so often that people are more afraid of achieving their goals and dreams than they were afraid to fail. 

Here is a video by Morgan Freeman with Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey and other experts and I want to share it with you because it’s very inspirational. 

If you are serious about a life in Forest Hill, please eliminate all buts, ifs, and possible stumbling blocks from your mind. Remember: You are the creator of your destiny and your fate. It’s entirely up to you whether or not a life in Forest Hill will be a success or failure. 

At this point you have two possibilities:

a) You can dare to take a step into a new and better future – either you will like it or not. You then have the choice  to take further steps to create the life you want. In Forest Hill you have the advantage that you can move your home to another place at any time you want. Or you can sell it (including the already paid lease) and go somewhere else with that money. You will never lose anything but win new experiences of a life in a forest on a lake. 

b) You do nothing and let the opportunity pass by – and either you will be happy with your decision or you will have regrets for having missed on the opportunity for the rest of your life. At some point in your life you will have to choose the one or the other. The worst you could do is wait and to let others or circumstances decide for you. To wait and watch has never been a good life strategy to find your bliss, to improve circumstances, and to lead a happy and fulfilled life.  

If you will decide for Forest Hill  – making a decision is the first step – your next step will reveal itself.  No matter whether you know how to go about or not, no matter whether you know how to deal with your personal obstacles, if this is what you want, make a decision now and the solutions will come. Generally we always only see the first step for any endeavor and goal. The following steps reveal themselves one after another.  

But if you wait for the solutions to come, you will find yourself waiting for the rest of your life because they will never come. Why? Because you have not made the commitment to do something. So there is no need for you to find the solutions. The universe is very economic with energy investments and only sends solutions to those individuals who have made a firm decision to do something. In other words, you always must make the decision first and choose your path. Only then the answers will not, not sooner.  This distinguishes the successful people from losers, wishers, dreamers and people who are leading an average life. 

Never forget: YOU are the creator of your life and fate. Therefore, take your life into your own hands courageously and make a decision which path you want to go. 

Enjoy the decision process!

P.S. Please remember that the lease for the plots in Forest Hill will be raised as of January 1st 2020. If you make a reservation before December 31st 2019, you will pay the old lease and it will not change for the first 5 years (US$ 330/mo instead of US$ 400)….no matter when your lease will start. 


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