Forest Hill – The Philosophy

A Life in UNITY With Nature!

We have highly electro-sensitive people in our family and we are very much aware of the dangers of the current mobile phone and wireless technology. Therefore, to offer other EHS sufferers an electrosmog-free refuge was at the very beginning of our idea. 

When we asked ourselves what kind of people we want to address and attract we quickly realized that our own life philosophy would have to be taken into consideration for choosing our future co-inhabitants. There are a few things we could not tolerate for the health and wellbeing of the whole community and a few things we have to require. Besides, some homogeneity is important for a peaceful co-existence.

On the other hand we also knew that we not only want to open  Forest Hill to electro-sensitive people  but also to people who are looking for that kind of lifestyle for other reasons and who want to live a life in unity with nature. Therefore, the honest desire to protect and support nature has to have a high priority for our future residents. 

The property is mainly unspoiled and we want to keep it that way. As natur and animal lovers we are aware that we humans are going to enter the habitat of all the animals living on the property and the plants growing there. The property, as it is right now, is a perfectly balanced eco-system and we are looking for people who can “join” the current inhabitants in a respectful and caring way.  We see animals as our brothers and sisters and superior only insofar that we are responsible for their wellbeing. To us it’s important not to separate between men and animals, and it is our hope that we as a group of people can learn to live with the wildlife. We are all part of the whole and animals and plants also have a consciousness just like we have. The only difference is that we humans have a free will (or better: the freedom to choose) and therefore have the possibility to destry….or to sustain. Animals and plants on the other hand only and exclusively follow the laws of nature. As spiritual people we have the highest respct for all life – be it man, animal, tree or plant – and it’s our hope that our future renters will have the same respect. Therefore, the largest part of the property should mostly be kept as it is right now…or improved…except of a few trees that will have to be cut where your future house will be. The rest of the forest must be untouched because it has a very important role regarding the protection of the future inhabitants and their health. Let’s not forget that the forest will protect us from the radiation of the cellular mobile satellites. Therefore, it should be in our own interest to protect the forest as much as we can from our side. 

Respect for nature doesn’t stop with the trees and the animals but also concerns the water, our most important livelihood. We are so fortunate to have enough groundwater to be independant from the municipality. That requires honest and responsible renters who are willing and ready to live a healthy lifestyle that also protects our water.  We will have an organic three-chamber sewer system, and since toxins have a long half-way cycle we entirely depend on habitants who are willing to live toxin-free.  There are so many wunderful and natural products for the body hygiene and for cleaning and washing that we don’t need toxic stuff.

Freedom doesn’t mean to do whatever we want without taking care of the rest of life. Freedeom doesn’t mean to limit the freedom of humans and nature. True freedom means to evolve spiritually in a pure world. And that requires a pure and healthy environment. 

For that reason things like smoking, drug consumption, hard rock music, microwave ovens, cell phones, WiFi, cordless phones, etc. will not be allowed because they hurt and thus diminish the freedom of others. Hunting on the property is not allowed either and only one of the future renters will be allowed to fish in our lake and to sell the fish to other renters so that the whole group can benefit from. With that we want to diminish the chance for greed and self-interest. Should it ever and for whatever reason be necessary to kill animals for the survival of humans, we would solve such a problem as a group and not individually.

Our current prospects – at least the once we already had the opportunity to talk with or to meet personally – are all people with strong moral and ethic principles. This is very important for such a project like the Forest Hill Retreat because one of our goals is to serve as examples with our form of living. And the principle should be to sustain life and not to destroy it. The dire situation our planet currently is in calls for drastic changes, and to make such drastic changes in a city is quite a challenge, whereas it’s quite easy to accomplish in an unspoiled place where we can start at the very beginning. In Forest Hill we have that possibility and it has the potential to become a role model for healthy and economic living. 

Nature loves to hear beautiful music and laughter of humans. Therefore there are no limints in expressing happiness. What we want to avoid are unnatural, loud noices like from squads, skidoos and motor boats. Ofcourse you can explore the lake with your canoo or kajak. Two roads lead through the propert you can drive with your bicycle, if you don’t want to walk. 

Basically, that property is unique and leaves a lot of room to realize your dreams of an ideal life as long as it is life-sustaining. This peaceful piece of nature is ideal for…

  • Singles
  • Families
  • Retirees
  • People who love nature and who want to protect it
  • People who want to live a healthy, ecological and toxin-free life
  • Individuals who feel deep in their hearts that this is their way of living
  • People who want to make the experience of living a simple life with more life quality
  • People who want to live a radiation-free life

This is not ideal for people who…

  • wat to exploit nature
  • want to hunt
  • with the mentality “devil cares”
  • are not willing to be without a cell phone, smart phone or tablet
  • smoke and who are not willing to quit
  • are quarrelsome, gossippers, and critisizers
  • are intolerant toward others
  • are loud and aggressive
  • who are on highly toxic medications and not willing to use natural and untoxic alternatives

In spite of our philosophy and spiritual background we are fully aware that we all are humans and that we are allowed to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect – we are all on our way to more perfection. We are allowed to be and to remain humans as long as no life will be hurt. We support the naturalness of a human life like celebrating together. Dancing to beautiful music can and shall be part of a life in Forest Hill. Singing and whistling….yes, please! To play in or outside of  the water and to enjoy life are very important requirements for a healthy and happy life. The important thing is to meet all life with love and to see ourselves and all living things as part of the whole. 

Once you will be away from all the downsides of our civilization and once you will have experienced how you feel after a real deep night’s sleep, you will want to set new life priorities and you will realize that there are so many things we don’t need to live a happy life we previously perceived as important. Thus life will get easier, simpler and also much richer. There is a good reason that the number of people who are looking for a simpler life is growing so rapidly. You will experience a quality of life you didn’t even know that it exists.

It may be that at the beginning you may experience some “withdrawal” symptoms. But since you are going to experience a new life with more deapth and richness, these withdrawal symptoms will soon vanish. 

Welcome to Forest Hill!

4 thoughts

  1. Hi,
    What a wonderful project you have started in Forest Hill.
    I am a single mother of four. Three of my children have EHS. I do too but with the work I have been doing on myself, the EHS and chemical sensitivity has reduced in the last year.
    However, living in London ( UK) it is only a matter of time before things get significantly worse, in terms of 5G, pollution and a whole plethora of increasing environmental toxins.
    I am a trained Nutritional and Craniosacral Therapist and I work also with homotoxicology. I feel using a multifaceted system such as this does enable the body to adapt and ‘survive’ but with increasing chemical and radiation toxicity it seems like a losing battle.
    I do not have a microwave or WiFi in my house, I do not smoke or drink, my children do not have mobile phones and I do my best.
    I would be really interested to find out more if I were to consider coming to Forest Hill for a year or two..
    Best regards,

  2. This sounds just like me. But I’m wondering about food. Have you considered having a garden space? Do you go into town for food?

    1. Hi Lisamarie. Since the property is so large we want to create a pace for food production so that a) our renters will have healthy, organic food, and b) to provide an income to one or two future renters. We will also buy dry organic food in bulk so that our renters don’t have to drive far to get healthy food. The next town is about 20 minutes away but no organic food. The next town with a health food store is 45 minutes away. So I have decided to do whatever it takes to have our own food store in Forest Hill, especially since our prospects are all very health conscious.

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