Corona? No Chance! 13 Tips To Prevent Yourself From Getting Sick

Currently, the world seems to be hidden under a gigantic clowd of fear, worry, and panic. The news channels seem to have only one topic: Coronavirus. It seems like the world has come to a screaching halt. There are so many different and even contradictory reports about the spreading of the Coronavirus what leads to even bigger confusion. Although the death numbers more sound like normal numbers like with any other winter flu to me (people are dying at any time of the year, not only during a so-called pandemic) the media publish new numbers every day. And the worst numbers are the added up ones what makes it look like quite a daunting number.

Almost all governements worldwide have issued various protective measures and implemented restrictive orders for the the people, which are, “Wash your hands”, “Sneeze into your ellbow”, and “Stay at home”. If we are facing a real pandemic, this seems quite rudimentary advice to me. It’s just not enough advice in times when people are in desperate need of real, helpful answers. Somehow deep in our hearts we feel that washing our hands just can’t be enough to prevent being harmed by a pandemic. Right? Besides, the daily numbers of deaths in the media are really not helpful either.
The importance of effective prevention and the appropriate strengthening of the immune system is hardly mentioned by the media, authorities and experts. Although this should be our very first concern. But the media are more concerned about which celebrities got infected and how much toilet paper they have to produce to cover the increased demand.
So, what can we do while being realistic but without being swamped with negative and even false information?

Well, first of all, take a few deep breaths and then remember that each winter there is a flu going around and killing some people who are already sick or old. So far the numbers of deaths are not really much higher than in other winters. Of course, we still want to take this seriously in terms of taking care of ourselves and our families. So this would be the wrong time to do something stupid and ignore the recommendations. But still, we should not allow to get inundated with negative news.  

The next step I recommend is to – although nobody can tell us how long this is going to last – remember that EVERYTHING that begins at some point will also, inevitably, end at some point. This is not going to last. Besides, flus usually go away as soon as the temperatures get wormer and the sun shines longer. Therefore this will likely end soon. What if this is going to end in two weeks, for instance? Would it then be worth all that worry and panic? 

Although nobody can make any predictions at this point, and even if it would take 60 to 90 days, most of us could make it 90 days if necessary. Besides, let’s face it, when was the last time you had so much quality time with your family? And when was the last time you had so much time for yourself to read, to learn, to watch inspiring or funny videos, to take hours of baths, to relax, and to listen to nice music? So, why not embracing at least that part of the situation?

I’m not saying that it is all fun, I’m not cynical. For some of us there will be smaller payouts, there may be some layoffs, some may even lose a family member or a friend during that time, but we’re all in this together. We are going through this together, no matter where you live. I don’t know how it is in your country, but in Switzerland people are encouraging and helping each other like not since the end of WW2. In my over 60 years of being on this earth I have never seen such solidarity among people.

Actually, it could realistically be over in a few weeks. But one thing is certain. If you are in a constant fear and panicking, things are not only going to be way worse for you, on top of that such stress can even weaken your immune system to a point where you might attract a virus your system would otherwise be strong enough to ward off. I personally think that we are rather talking about weeks not months. So why making matters worse by worrying yourself sick? What has to happen will happen whether you’re constantly worried or playing with your children and enjoying your time together or reading an inspiring book.

Another fact is that every crisis always comes with chances and growth opportunities times of normality don’t offer. These can be opportunities to learn something, opportunities to get closer with the family, opportunities to find a life purpose, opportunities to grow stronger, you name it. Maybe you suddenly feel that you would like to take better care of your body and relax. The thing is that you can only see such chances and opportunities when your mind is not occupied with worry and fear.

I’m sure you have faced some hard and difficult times in your life before, and when you look back, you can most likely say that these were times when the most growth had happened.  You didn’t like it at that time, but when you look back you can honestly say that you’re thankful because you have learned something you would otherwise not have learned. As terrible as the current crisis is, there will come the point in your life where you look back and say to yourself, “You know what, that was a very interesting time and I have learned so much. We had a great time with the kids and we as a couple grew closer. I learned which the real friends are. Although I lost money I’m well off now. I have learned something new that made it possible to find a new and better job after the corona crisis.”

If you can allow yourself to open up your mind to possibilities, if you can allow yourself to acknowledge that this is going to end soon, you become open for chances and possibilities.

How can this become a time to look back on and say, “There was a lot of growth happening there.”

Look out for the good!

Just know that there is a friend out there, sitting in her living room in Switzerland (maybe half accross the world) right now and thinking of you and wishing you great health and an inspiring time despite of what’s going on. If there is anything in particular you need regarding a healthy weight, please let me know. 

Prevention should always be given attention in the winter months anyway, but nobody seems to care about prevention for the 99,99999% of the people who are healthy.
Here are the most sensible preventive steps that can help your body to remain immune for viruses and to activate its fabulous self-healing power in case of an infection.
13 Steps how to remain healthy and give Corona no chance  
1.) Keep in mind the following fact: the body is perfectly capable of warding off any viruses and bacteria IF it has everything it needs. Therefore, as long as you are taking well care of your body and its immune system, you don’t have to worry about viruses.  Just feed your body the right food.
2.) One of the best preventions is keeping an optimistic mindset. While fear weakens our immune system, positivity strengthens it. That doesn’t mean that we have to adopt a Polyanna mindset, but it means to be conscious about how we think and feel. Thoughts and emotions are energy, and if you are familiar with the law of attraction, you understand that we always attract what we are afraid of. Therefore, if you do not want to attract the Coronavirus, you should not even think about it, let alone allow fear, anxiety and panic to dominate your thinking and emotions.
Each time you realize that you are being fearful, stop and take a few deep breaths. Then shift your thinking to something else, preferrably to something you can still be grateful for. For instance, you can be thankful that you have more time with your family now, that you have more time for yourself, that you now finally can read that book you never had the time for, that you can meditate and relax every single day, that you can finish tasks you never had the time for and so on and so forth. Or you can simply be grateful that you and your loved ones are healthy and alive.
3.) To be on the safe side, follow the hygiene instructions of your government. Your own protection is only one part why I add this to my list. The second part is that when you follow these instructions, nobody can blame you for being irresponsible. Besides, a correct coughing and sneezing etiquette is always a good idea and should simply be part of good manners.
4.) Deep abdominal breathing has a profound effect on the flow properties on the blood. The blood then can transport more oxygen to the organs what increases the detoxification process what keeps your organs healthier. If you are not allowed to leave the house, step out on your porch or balcony or open the windows several times a day. Then hold your face up to the sun and breathe deeply for 10 minutes. Make sure that you breathe into your abdomen and breathe out deeply again. Imagine that your breathing is like the waves of the ocean: coming and going, coming and going, coming and going…. Do that several times a day. “Before and after” haemograms always proof clearly a big difference. While the red blood cells are often clumped together before the breathing exercise, they can float freely afterwards (no more clumping).
5.) Stress is one of the biggest contributing factor to any disease. Nothing weakens our immune system faster than stress. Therefore stress relief is the call of the hour. Although it may seem like normal to be stressed in such a worrisome time, the necessity to stop and refrain from what’s going on is life saving. Besides, most of us have more time now since we can’t leave our homes. So why not taking advantage of this situation by giving your immune system a boost and practice a methodical relaxation? Here is a gift, an audio with a relaxation session you can do at any time. Just don’t do it while driving or working with heavy machinery. To do it properly you need to lay or sit down, close your eyes and allow your nervous system to completely let go. In that process of relaxing and letting go, your immune system can recharge itself beautifully. The more often you practice this relaxation, the better you get and the faster and easier you can relax and recover, even in times of stress. You can use my relaxation audio (it only takes 9 minutes) or any other relaxation method you may like. Just do it on a regular basis several times per day.
Here is the audio “Relaxation Island”:
Don’t use this relaxation audio shortly before going to bed because it increases your energy. The best times are upon waking up before breakfast, before lunch and before dinner.
6.) Fresh air and exercise is another way of improving your immune system. The combination of fresh air, sunlight and movement is simply ideal. Besides, it makes you feel great, happy and strong. Oxygen is more important than food. If you are one of those individuals who can’t go to work, it might be a great idea touse that time and go for a daily one-hour walk, play with your children outdoors, go on a bicycle tour or hiking tour. You will see that afterwards you will feel like all the power is back in your hands….and it is.
7.) If you were ever wondering whether you get enough sleep, now you have the chance to sleep more (ideally 8 hours per night) and by doing so you can improve your immune system.  Especially during the flu season good and enough sleep is very much recommended.
8.) It’s no secret that a healthy and balanced diet supports our immune system. Health begins in our intestine, and optimal digestive function as a prevention of flu-like infections is crucial. A light and well-balanced diet – fresh and light meals, cut back on the carbs, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs, wild plants, sprouts and seeds – will aid your intestine to do a better job what will aid your immune system. Also cook from scratch and give your microwave oven a break. Microwaved food is dead and altered, thus toxic – your body simply can’t recognize it as food and stores it in fat cells to keep it away from the vital organs. This cloggs up your entire system, weakens the immune system, toxifies the body and leads to weight gain. If (since) you have more time now, there is no reason to use the microwave oven.
9.) When I was a child, each winter we had to swallow fish oil capsules in order to stay healthy. Gosh did I hate that. But today I understand why this was necessary. Thank goodness we have better alternatives nowadays. Vitamin D and C in high dosage are very important during the flu season. The combination of these two substances has proven to be very effective for the long-term strengthening of the immune system. This is a very important part of preventing a flu. But make sure that you get supplements from natural sources and not syntetically manufactured ones. Rather pay a few dollars more in your health food store than for supplements from the drug store. Together with vitamin D3 you should also take K2. And please don’t hesitate to add an Omega3 supplement.
10.) Besides the vitamins, minerals also play an important role for a healthy immune system. Zinc in particular increases the body’s defense mechanism and the protection of the lung – very important when facing the Coronavirus. Selenium is a strong antioxidant mineral and essential for various functions of the immune system and also for detoxification and cell protection.
11.) Many medicinal plants have an immune-strengthening, protecting and antioxidant effect. For prevention use products with echinacea, thyme, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint, ginger, turmeric, oregano, liquorice, rockrose, elderberry, rosehip, and horseradish. These plants can be ingested as tinctures, teas, in capsules or fresh in meals. The good news is that some of the mentioned herbs are great additions for the kitchen and improve every meal in taste. Nothing beats a salad with a handful freshly chopped parsley and basil or a pesto with fresh oregano. Why not take advantage of the unplanned “vacation” to experiment with new, healthy menues?
As soon as you begin to feel some flu-like symptoms, take 40 drops of echinacea tincture in a glass of water every two hours during the entire day until the symptons will be gone. Most of the time the flu will be gone before it can really break out. If these symptoms don’t go away within a day or two, call the doctor. Keep in mind that the mentioned herbs are for prevention or mild flus.
12.) The better your body can release toxins, acid and slag, the healthier your body remains. And to get rid of those in the fastest way possible, your body needs a lot of pure water (nothing added to it). If you are at a normal weight, three liters (102 oz or 300ml) per day is enough. But if you are overweight, you need four liters (135 oz. or 400ml or 1 gallon) of water daily. Add a small pinch of a healthy, organic salt to every third glass of water but nothing else. If you live in a city or in an area where you depend on community water, you should ideally filter your water. If you are not used to drink so much water, first replace all other drinks you usually drink during any given day with water. Then increase the amount of water slightly from week to week (for instance, increase your daily water intake for 500ml/17 oz. every week until you will have the three or four liters).
13.) Speaking of prevention we shall not forget one of the biggest contributors to illness. The virus has always been around and part of the winter flus for centuries. So why is it more severe this year? The problem is that the governments do not yet understand the severe danger of radiation (EMF). Some scientists are warning us from microwave radiation for many years, some even for more than two decades. So far that radiation has gone up linear, slightly increasing from year to year through cordless phones, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and all technical devices that communicate wirelessly. The cell phone and smart meter technology is based on microwaves and as we know, microwaves heat. Over the years the radiation was increased only slightly but regularly and steadily so that most people didn’t feel a difference. But last year in many western countries they began the roll-out of 5G which is said to be 17 times stronger than 4G. And that lead to a rapid increase of microwave radiation all around the planet and in the atmosphere.
Therefore, for the sake of prevention I highly recommnd to go hard-wired and reduce the use of cell phones, wireless phones, Wi-Fi, smart phones, robots, etc. to an absolute minimum and only for emergency cases if nothing else will work. At this time of your life you don’t need to be available 24/7 anyway, not even when have to work from home. But maybe even then your boss could call you on your land line. This will help your immune system to recover.
The electromagnetic radiation of such devices weakens the defence and detoxification ability of our organ systems and cells and impairs the regenerative and self-healing powers. Giving your body and immune system a break from radiation will be a very welcome change and help your body to improve its immune system and keep you healthy. Isn’t this the most important thing right now anyway?
Don’t forget the joy of life. Like attracts like! We can only attract the same energy we send out through our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions bring back negative situations and circumstances and vice versa. If you start your day with a feeling of gratitude that you are alive and healthy and go through your day with joy and enthusiasm – by celebrating feelings of friendship, love, trust, hope, faith, and strength – that’s exactly what you will get. Pay very close attention to your thoughts and emotions and softly the negative ones into a more positive direction by changing your thinking. Pay very close attention to the information and news you are currently consuming. Don’t allow to get inundated. News are seldom positive and can make us feel helpless and hopeless. This is not helpful at all. Negative emotions have been proven to weaken our immune system. Whenever you feel helpless or hopeless, turn your attention back to gratitude, people you love and life-enhancing things.

And let’s not forget laughter – it’s said to be the best medicine!


Aids for acute cases
Should you have to stay in bed with symptoms of cold and fever, there are still several things you can do to support your body in the healing process.

  • Herbal teas with ginger, thyme or sage strengthen the immune system and free the respiratory tract. Camomile tea reduces the Inflammation. Drink a lot of these teas.
  • American Ginseng supports the lungs.
  • You can also apply a warming chest ointment from the drugstore or pharmacy.
  • Inhale with thyme, eucalyptus oil, American ginseng root or baking powder.
  • The intake of Umckaloabo (tincture) or acetylcysteine (available from the pharmacy) promotes the expulsion of mucus.
  • With bronchitis and pneumonia, potato, onion and mustard seed poultices have been found to be very effective.
  • If your symptoms do not improve, you should consult your naturopath, homeopath or doctor for individual advice.
As disasterous the effects of the corona virus are for the economy may be, there is still an advantage most people don’t realize. This crisis is forcing us to look at some things closer and change a few things in our lives for the sake of our health and the health of our loved ones.

Don’t allow the death numbers to impress you. Compared to the world population this is a minimal number. Of course each life counts, but please keep in mind that the people who die from COVID-19 are old and/or have other diseases of which they probably would have died anyway. This may help you keep things in perspective. Follow the instructions of your government (just to be on the safe side) and on top of that implement these 13 steps to strengthen your immune system. This should get you a long way.

Take care….and stay healthy!


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  1. Thank you for your tips. The majority of people who died in Canada were vulnerable seniors who did not have the opportunity to eat well, do abdominal breathing etc….. In many of our provinces, there were no beds available in hospitals as they were full of people fighting for their lives. Not enough oxygen, ventilators etc.. and the health care workers were overworked and in insufficient number to handle the multitudes of sick. This was nothing like the normal flu . Not at all. My sister in law has “long haul ” covid. I would never suggest to her that it is just like a flu. She is 62 years old and has been incapacitated for months.
    The affluent can afford the luxury of space, nutritious food, good medical care.

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