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 The Forest Hill Retreat: The Ideal Clean Slate

Der ideale Neubeginn an einem sauberen Tisch

Welcome to the new decade!

We have come a long way since we started the industrialization period! Advances in science have exponentially increased in the last 20 to 30 or so years compared to the last century. As a species, this is a testament to our inherent capacity for improvement and our strong desire to survive—to gain the upper hand.

However, an equally important consideration is that we did learn to adapt and improve our way of living but at what cost?

2020 has just started but what have we witnessed so far? Wars, uncontrollable wildfires and a spread of a virus that’s unprecedented.

If we’re improving at a rate faster than ever before, are we also irresponsibly consuming more resources than the planet can replenish? If the world is a living being, are its virus (causing it to overheat – global warming)?

You get to wonder if for every piece of new technology, is there also an equivalent detriment to it? Well, who knows. The point is that, we as humans, have to learn to strike a balance between how digitally connected we are to the world and how we should also be in line with the world, the nature around us.

The Forest Hill Retreat

The Forest Hill Retreat project is a passion project of Maja Iten, a Swiss Nature Lover, Coach, Adult Educator and an EHS survivor. This project was founded in 2016 with the principles of living in Unity with nature: doing no harm, following the law of cause and effect, law of attraction, protecting the planet and being a responsible consumer.

This retreat is a recovery option for all who are exhausted and sick in general of modern over-crowded, over-radiated and over-toxic living. If you want to pursue a healthier and more meaningful life, you’ll find the peace to make that decision here too. The Forest Hill Retreat is a perfect way for you to restart your life and test out how “slowing down” is a good, refreshing way to approach this rather turbulent decade. You owe yourself and your mental health that.

What is EHS? EMF?

EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity is the condition presented by someone who exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). There are a range of symptoms a person may manifest including headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances among others, to a complete disability to function. This is a terrible disease and may cause some severe challenges in a normal person’s way of life.

The Answer

For the same reason, The Forest Hill Retreat project was created as a means of recovery for those who have EHS and for those who want to start living a healthier lifestyle before becoming severally sick. The project aims to gather like-minded people – nature lovers – and share best practices in the awareness of EHS, promoting a digital-free community and enjoying a toxin-free, eco-friendly environment.

Guests can choose to bring their own mobile home as long as they have the understanding of the goals of the community and the project. Interested crowd funders will definitely enjoy a special first priority.